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The Kentucky Drag Boat Association has not always been known as the KDBA.  In the year 1975, a group of associates gathered their ideas and interest in the sport of drag boat racing and formed what was known as the Western Kentucky Powerboat Association.  The WKPBA lasted for several years until somewhere in the 1980's when it was renamed and reformed under the "now" name KDBA.  

The KDBA was built on the idea of having an organization that would not only allow its members to come and race their boats, but would also work hard to bring its members the

best racing locations, safest conditions, those all important prizes, and a have all this built into a 100% family friendly environment.  The drivers of today still growing on the same qualities that built the organizations so many years ago.  This is a family of people that love the sport and not only know each other from running beside them on a high speed water straightaway, but many have grown up here together.  From our well seasoned racers to our newest young members, our members are family, and sometimes family just has to race it out.

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